16. July 2021

[Job Ad] Freelancer/ Independent consultant for virtual conference

ICARS is engaging a Freelancer/Independent consultant for the “Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance” virtual conference with the purpose of “Sharing evidence and best practice to empower national action on antimicrobial resistance”. This is a limited assignment, August – November 2021. Please see below the job description and details on how to apply.

Application deadline: CoP July 25th, 2021.


Wellcome Trust, the Danish Government and the International Centre for AMR Solutions (ICARS), working with fellow co-hosts, are looking to hold a third Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) virtual event in November 2021.

Previous events[1],[2] have acted as key forums for engaging a wide range of AMR stakeholders and leaders in the global response to AMR. We are keen to build on the success of previous events to explore in greater detail:

  • the progress that has been made towards implementing AMR National Action Plans (NAP) focused on Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs), sharing examples of initiatives which show ‘how’ countries have developed and implemented solutions
  • opportunities to further advance and empower LMIC national AMR action, building on the lessons harvested so far
  • the progress made in establishing global governance structures
  • reflect on the impact of Covid-19 on the AMR response and identify the opportunities and challenges resulting from Covid-19 to move the AMR agenda forward.

Purpose of Role

Country-led implementation of NAPs in low- and middle-income settings (LMIC) will be a key focus for the event. As a result, we want to engage one or two individuals with experience of working with/within LMIC governments in Asia and/or Latin America[3] developing and implementing AMR NAPs to play a strategic role supporting the development (inc. associated content) and delivery of the third Call to Action event alongside the event co-hosts. This role will be part of a team and will complement expertise coming from other territories.

Responsibilities would include:

  • working as a member of the agenda delivery team to shape the session content for the event. Using your own experience, expertise, and networks to bring this together with the event co-hosts and other stakeholders to design the agenda, taking a solution focused approach.
  • lead or co-lead on the development and delivery of specific sessions of the agenda (details will be determined once the outline agenda has been agreed), using your experience of NAP implementation and networks of AMR policy experts, collaborating with event co-hosts and relevant stakeholders.
  • supporting delivery of the event over the conference dates, e.g. briefing/supporting speakers, moderating small group discussions.

 Desired Skills/Experience

  • experience of working with/within an LMIC government(s) to design and implement an AMR national action plan in Asia and/or Latin America
  • Understanding of the main trends/themes within AMR (across One Health) at national and a global level
  • track record of engaging with policy makers, decision makers and wider AMR in-country stakeholders to deliver initiatives which address country priorities.
  • network of contacts that support efforts to tackle AMR across One Health nationally, regionally and globally
  • Broad global health experience, comfortable with working across multiple countries/geographies.
  • Business English (essential)
  • Experience in designing and delivering event content which engages relevant stakeholders.

Time expectation

We are looking for individuals who can join the team as independent consultants by the beginning of August so that they can fully participate in agenda development from the early stages and conclude in four months after delivery of the conference. The time commitment will be flexible and vary week by week as needed. This will be a fully remote role.


$1000 per month

We have used the UN Handbook for engagement of consultants[4] and individual contractors to guide renumeration. Renumeration has been calculated using the Level B (upper) daily rate adjusted to assume between 20-25hrs work per month.

Invoicing on a monthly basis.

Contract Information

We are inviting freelancers acting in an individual capacity to fulfil this engagement[5]. We are not inviting proposals from any individuals who propose to work through a limited company or a parent institution or organisation e.g. a consultancy or University. A contract as an independent consultant specifying deliverables and remuneration will be entered into with ICARS. The consultancy agreement will be for a fixed term and will expire without further notice when the assignment is fulfilled after the delivery of the conference end November.

How to apply:

Please submit a one-page expression of interest, along with a CV (no more than 2pgs) which sets out how you meet the desired skills/experiences. In this document, please provide one or two examples of work that you have done to support the implementation of AMR national action plans. Please highlight how you personally contributed to deliver of the activity and the insights this provided.

Applications should be emailed to Ghada Zoubiane (gzoubiane@icars-global.org) by not later than CoP 25th July 2021.

Your application will be reviewed by representatives of the International Centre for AMR Solutions (ICARS) and Wellcome Trust. Short-listed applications will be invited for a short online interview currently planned on 2nd and 3rd of August 2021 to discuss experience and skills.

No one should face barriers when applying. We’re committed to making sure our application process is accessible to everyone. Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements or if there is anything we can do to help you to complete and submit the expression of interest.

If you have a disability or a long-term health condition, we can offer support with this application process, for example;

  • Provide this information in accessible formats, e.g. large print, braille or audio
  • The one-page expression of interest is a suggested format for the application but please note that we are happy to accept alternative format. As a guide, please try to keep the amount of content in the application comparable to that which could fit onto A4 page.

If you have any questions about the role or application process, please contact Ghada Zoubiane (gzoubiane@icars-global.org).

[1] https://wellcome.org/news/second-global-call-action-against-drug-resistant-infections

[2] https://wellcome.org/news/global-call-action-drug-resistant-infections

[3] To work with and compliment ICARS consultants based in Africa

[4] https://isa.org.jm/files/files/documents/ISBA_ST_AI_2021_1-%20Consultants%20and%20Individual%20contractors.pdf

[5] Applications are welcomed from individuals who work for governments or non-government organisations. The ‘freelance’ status simply refers to how we will engage individuals. We will be looking to pay successful applicants directly and not through a limited company or via a parent institution.