29. October 2021

ICARS to co-host third Call to Action Conference on Antimicrobial Resistance

ICARS is proud to partner with Wellcome Trust, the Fleming Fund, UN Foundation, UNICEF, World Bank and the governments of Colombia, Denmark, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand and Zambia, to organize the Third Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Conference.

The event, held virtually from 15-17 November, will bring together global stakeholders – policymakers, civil society organizations, professionals, academics, and the private sector – across all regions of the world, to share solutions and invigorate action to tackle AMR.

With a focus on sharing lessons learned from low- and middle-income countries, the conference will provide concrete examples of how to successfully prioritize and implement AMR National Action Plans (NAPs) during a time of significant pressure on healthcare systems.  Pioneers from a wide range of countries and sectors will share evidence on solutions that have been effective, including education programmes for farmers in India, AMR school clubs in India, and One Health surveillance systems in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda.

The ambitious three-day agenda, will celebrate the progress and pioneering actions taken so far across the One Health spectrum, explore the use of evidence to inform decision-making, and discuss the challenges and opportunities for NAP prioritization. In addition, regional breakout sessions for Africa, Asia and Latin-America will enable reflection and cross-learning for specific country contexts.

By bringing together new voices, focusing on solutions, and providing space for engagement, the conference will support governments to identify effective and sustainable solutions, showcase the steps that some countries have already taken and inspire commitment towards NAP implementation.

 Robert Skov, Scientific Director, International Centre for Antimicrobial Solutions

I am excited that ICARS is co-hosting the event, and that we are joining with stakeholders from all over the world, to hear about the solutions countries are already using to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR). We all know the critical threat that AMR poses across all sectors. This conference provides an important opportunity to take stock of progress in the context of COVID-19, learn from each other, establish partnerships and work towards accelerating National Action Plan implementation.”

Tim Jinks, Head of Interventions, Infectious Diseases Health Challenge, Wellcome Trust. 

“Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent health challenge weakening health systems globally – many of which are still battling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To save modern medicine and protect our health systems from the growing AMR pandemic, we must work together, we must share solutions, and we must accelerate action. This conference is an opportunity to have these important discussions and make impactful decisions to protect global health from AMR at a time of significant pressure.”

Registration for the event is by invitation only to facilitate optimal engagement and representation. If you are interested in attending, please contact AMRCallToAction@wellcome.org. You can follow our reflections during the event on Twitter @ICARS_global or by following the conference hashtag #StopSuperbugs

Learn more about the previous Call to Action Conferences in Berlin (2017) and Accra (2018).