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We are always looking for countries, organisations and foundations to join our mission as partners.

In order to deliver on our mission, we are continuously strengthening the initiation and development of strategic partnerships with governments, foundations, civil societies, private sector, other agencies and international organisations. Our invitation to partner is always open.

It is our belief that collaborations strengthen our projects and increase their impact. To find out more about our partners and how to join our mission, visit the pages below.

For Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Governments in LMICs can submit Expressions of Interest to co-develop projects with ICARS.

Any country on the OECD DAC list is eligible to apply for an ICARS project, as long as they are committed to mitigating antimicrobial resistance. We only accept Expressions of Interest coming directly from a Ministry or a group of Ministries in the LMIC.

For Implementation Partners

We rely on Implementation Partners to maximise the impact of our collective efforts.

Long-lasting, sustainable change can only be achieved when we collaborate and build on existing national and international initiatives, expanding the scale and the scope of the AMR response, and boosting investment and efforts across sectors.

For Funding Partners

Denmark is the Founder and first Strategic Funding Partner of ICARS. To achieve our mission, we need other countries and foundations to join.

Funding partners offer financial support and help to steer ICARS’ strategic direction. Through their contribution, our impact and capacity to act is increased. We welcome countries and foundations to join ICARS in our mission to support AMR mitigation in LMICs.

For Mission Partners

By becoming a Mission Partner, countries not only join the ICARS family as a trusted advisory partner, but also connect with a network of likeminded countries committed to sustainably mitigating AMR.

To facilitate closer and more strategic collaboration with our country partners, beyond specific projects, we invite countries that support the vision and mission of ICARS and commit to mitigate AMR nationally and within their region to become an ICARS Mission Partner.

Our projects inform policy and practice around the world

At ICARS, we simultaneously use top-down and bottom-up approaches, engaging with government ministries while involving scientists and practitioners throughout the process.

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