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14. September 2021

ICARS and ReAct to collaborate on context-specific research tools that advance NAPs in Africa

12. July 2021

New collaboration between ICARS and the Global AMR R&D Hub

Translating evidence into action
4. June 2021

DDL June 15th: let’s partner to advance the implementation of your antimicrobial resistance NAP

Ministries from Low- and Middle-Income Countries can submit Expressions of Interest to partner with ICARS before June 15th.
10. May 2021

We are hiring!

Applications are now closed.
10. May 2021

Meet the ICARS Technical Advisory Forum

To ensure that the project review process involves experienced, independent experts across One Health, ICARS has established a Technical Advisory Forum (TAF).
15. April 2021

We are hiring a Project Coordinator!

Applications are now closed.
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