Vision, Mission & Principles

ICARS is a platform for generating, assessing and using evidence to support the development and implementation of cost-effective and context-specific solutions to antimicrobial resistance in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).


We envisage a world where drug-resistant infections no longer pose a threat to the health of humans and animals, the environment, global food security and economic prosperity.


Our mission is to partner with low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in their efforts to reduce drug-resistant infections. We do this by working closely with LIMCs to co-develop AMR interventions that provide evidence for context-specific and cost-effective solutions for sustainable scale-up. ICARS provides funding as well as the expertise needed to support Intervention and Implementation Research projects across the One Health spectrum that build on the country’s National Action Plan. ​

ICARS' five core principles
Country ownership
  • Country led, executed by local researchers
  • Priorities defined by individual countries based on local and national need, building on existing efforts and feeding into their National Action Plan
  • Integrated top-down and bottom-up approach
One Health
  • A collaborative, multisector and holistic approach
  • Actions relevant to human and animal health, the environment, global food security and economic prosperity
  • AMR-specific and AMR-sensitive activities
  • Delivering evidence in partnership with key stakeholders nationally and internationally
  • Alignment and collaboration across public, private, and philanthropic sectors
  • Participatory, cross-disciplinary research approach
  • Focusing on producing evidence-based solutions that are scalable into policy, programmes and practices and work in the real world
  • Identify causes and barriers to implementation of existing solutions
  • Combining immediate action with long-term vision
  • Cost-effective solutions (economically feasible and practical for the country) that create long-term behaviour change
  • Capacity and capability building in country
  • Alignment to other global and country agendas and priorities (e.g. SDGs, Universal Health Coverage)

Join our mission

To achieve sustainable change in LMICs, we invite other countries and foundations to join us as Founding or Supporting members, in a truly international effort to mitigate antimicrobial resistance.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Team for further information.

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