10. February 2022

Request for Proposals to deepen understanding of gender and AMR in research

ICARS is pleased to announce a new Request for Proposals, released in partnership with Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

The purpose of the joint IDRC-ICARS RFP is twofold:

  1. The project should synthesize the current evidence and identify priority linkages related to gender and AMR research, specifically in both intervention and implementation research projects, operating within the human and animal health sectors.
  2. The project should develop guidance on how to strengthen a gender lens in AMR intervention and implementation research projects in sub-Saharan African and other LMICs as relevant. Guidance emerging from the project could inform future ICARS and IDRC projects. 

This RFP builds on the knowledge gained from scoping roundtables in late 2021, where 31 gender and AMR experts discussed the gender gaps in AMR research across the one health spectrum. Further information about the roundtable outputs is also available in Annex 1 of the RFP. 

The deadline for proposals is March 9th 2022. The project has an available maximum budget of 150,000 USD and must be led by a research institution in sub-Saharan Africa. Projects are highly encouraged to form partnerships with institutions in south-east Asia.

Please see the full RFP document for more details.

For more information and any enquiries related to the RFP including eligibility, please contact IDRC-ICARS-AMRGender@icars-global.org