7. February 2024

ICARS Model and Projects at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference

In December 2023, ICARS’ Senior Scientific Consultant, Prof Anders Dalsgaard, presented at the Dubai International Food Safety Conference (DIFSC) and highlighted the importance of reducing antimicrobial use and resistance (AMR) in the livestock sector to ensure food safety and a sustainable development of the sector. During the visit, Prof Dalsgaard also met with local researchers at the United Arab Emirates University investigating AMR in livestock and associated foods.

At the conference, Prof Dalsgaard opened his presentation by giving an overview of antimicrobial use in livestock and how inappropriate use, mainly as growth promoters and for disease prevention, has led to an increase of resistant bacteria in livestock and foods produced. To address AMR in the global food chain, there is a need to implement context-specific and cost-effective interventions that would change the antimicrobial use practices of farmers and their veterinarians worldwide.  

Prof Dalsgaard showcased several examples of ICARS projects that implement the necessary interventions preventing disease and reducing antimicrobial use in livestock in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). He presented a project in Tanzania, where poultry vaccine programmes are implemented and a project in Zambia where the farmer field school model is used to improve biosecurity and antimicrobial use practices among poultry farmers. 

There are many available and proven tools that are cost-effective to mitigate AMR and address the overuse of antimicrobials in livestock. Prof Dalsgaard highlighted how global food trade requirements and certification schemes are increasingly important in supporting a reduced antimicrobial use in livestock. He finally stressed that ICARS is ready to partner with LMIC countries supporting their efforts to combat AMR. Prof Dalsgaard also had very fruitful discussions with the Royal Danish Consulate General in Dubai that facilitated ICARS participation in the conference.

Watch the entire presentation here.