19. January 2024

Scoping AMR Interventions in the LAC region


Evidence-based prioritisation of future research areas to mitigate AMR in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is hampered by the lack of knowledge about AMR interventions that have been planned, developed, tested and/or implemented in the last five years.

Up-to-date understanding of AMR interventions that have been developed, tested and/or implemented in the last five years in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is crucial to prioritise future areas for research development.

Gloria Cristina Cordoba Currea, Senior Science Advisor, ICARS

Project overview

This project will be carried out using a step-by-step methodology of scoping review, interviews, key stakeholders’ engagement followed by prioritisation of AMR interventions using the DELPHI method. The scoping review will identify the gaps in intervention and implementation research (IIR) as well as the list of stakeholders. Afterwards data from the survey and the review will be used to draft the thematic working groups of the prioritisation phase. In the last stage, subject matter experts (SME) within the LAC region will prioritise future research areas.



  • scoping review on research gaps,
  • report including an AMR stakeholder map, list of AMR interventions, and a prioritised list of future IRR areas to be implemented in the LAC region,
  • webinar on the results of the prioritisation process


  • identification of priority areas for IIR projects


Region: Latin America

Sector: One Health

Country: Peru

Type: Supporting activity

Timescale: 1st July 2023- 30th Apr 2024

ICARS funding: 49,985.00 USD

Gloria Cristina Córdoba Currea
Mobile (+45) 30 71 58 81
Mail gloriac@icars-global.org