ICARS Annual Report 2021

If 2020 was the year that ICARS moved from concept to reality, 2021 was the year that ICARS sprang into action.

Despite continued challenges posed by COVID-19, ICARS made great strides in 2021 including establishing itself as a self-governing institution, building a diverse portfolio of projects across Latin America, Asia, and Africa, and advocating for intervention and implementation research to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at multiple high-level events.

The 2021 annual report presents ICARS’ key achievements across four strategic pillars: testing solutions, translating evidence, advocacy, capacity and capability building. The report also shares governance and organisational updates, financial statements and introduces the core team, Board of Directors and Technical Advisory Forum.

Below you can view the interactive report, which includes hover over links to further information across our website.

Download ICARS annual report 2021