Resources from the Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance Conference

COVID-19 has highlighted the fragility of health systems around the world, but effective solutions to protect global health against rising antimicrobial resistance (AMR) already exist. On 15-17th November 2021, the Call to Action on AMR conference brought together experts from around the world to identify the most impactful and actionable solutions for AMR at a time of significant pressure on healthcare resources. Pioneers from a wide range of countries and across the One Health spectrum shared evidence and learnings from AMR programs that have been effective.

Country Case Studies

Roll Back Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative delivering AMR School Clubs in Tanzania

Implementation of a One Health AMR surveillance system in Uganda, Malawi and Kenya

A One Health AMR approach in Zambia

Antibiotic Usage Education for Farmers

Collaborating with the agricultural sector to increase awareness on AMR

Regional reports

The following reports are being developed by ICARS to synthesise discussions and key takeaways emerging from the regional break out sessions. 

Latin America Report

Moderated by ICARS’ Gloria Cristina Cordoba Currea and Nicolas Winter, the Latin America Regional Session had delegates from Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Belize and Paraguay who presented their experiences of implementing NAPs.

Africa Report

Moderated by Mirfin Mpundu (ReAct Africa & ICARS) and Esmita Charani (Imperial College, London) the aim of the Africa regional session was to understand progress of the AMR agenda in African nations. The session focused on the challenges preventing action plan implementation and solutions for overcoming them.

Asia Pacific Report

Moderated by Dr Jyoti Joshi (Centre for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy) and Manu Eraly (WHO), the session had official presentations from India, Philippines, Pakistan and Thailand. Discussions centered around progress made towards AMR NAP implementation and associated challenges in the region.