6. February 2024

ICARS Delegation Reports Key Engagements in Addressing AMR at CPHIA Conference in Lusaka

Moving into 2024, the ICARS team is actively working towards achieving the year’s objectives, building upon the progress made in previous years. A key focus moving forward is advancing ICARS’ projects in Africa. To that end, ICARS is leveraging events from late 2023, such as the visit to Lusaka, Zambia, by a delegation from ICARS composed of Director of Operations Helle Engslund Krarup, Operations Team Lead Morten Brandt-Pedersen, and Science Officer Sunday Ochonu Ochai. The delegation engaged in the third International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2023) initiated by Africa CDC and participated in bilateral meetings with various stakeholders, including Africa CDC and ReAct Africa, highlighting significant developments in the mitigation of AMR.

CPHIA Conference Highlights

During the CPHIA 2023 conference at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre, ICARS members attended key sessions, including discussions on pandemic preparedness, resilient financing mechanisms for Africa, and mitigating infectious diseases, neglected tropical diseases, and AMR in Africa. The conference served as a platform for leaders and stakeholders to share insights and align on strategies for resilient health systems.

Bilateral Meetings and Collaboration

The conference was the opportunity for ICARS to reaffirm its dedication to collaborative efforts, eliciting positive responses and strong interest from key stakeholders. Engagements in bilateral discussions with Africa CDC, German (BMZ), and French (AFD) representatives emphasised a shared enthusiasm for ICARS’ model and initiatives.

During a meeting with the Ministry of Health of Zambia, the ICARS delegation underscored its commitment to aligning with Zambia’s AMR National Action Plan (NAP). Prospects of strengthening the partnership with Zambia are eagerly anticipated in the near future.

Furthermore, side conversations with Ministers of Health from Rwanda, Zambia, Senegal, and Namibia highlighted a common interest in addressing AMR challenges. These meetings laid the groundwork for potential collaborative frameworks and joint initiatives in the future.

Lessons Learned and Looking Ahead

ICARS is delighted with the positive responses received and the foundations laid at the conference. We eagerly anticipate continued collaboration with partners across the African continent, including Africa CDC, as we work together to build resilient healthcare systems and effectively addressing antimicrobial resistance on a global scale.