10. June 2020

ICARS speaks at webinar on “Combating AMR amid the COVID-19 Pandemic”

The International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions (ICARS) is delighted to be joining discussions at a webinar organized by the FAO North America and the Embassy of Denmark in the US on Combating Antimicrobial Resistance amid the COVID-19 Pandemic on Thursday 18th June 2020 at 4 PM CET.

The topic of the webinar is the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on efforts to prevent and manage the spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Other speakers from FAO, the World Bank, Denmark, Viet Nam and Zambia will join the discussions.

Dr. Robert Skov, the Scientific Director of ICARS, will highlight how the COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for resilient health care systems. He will focus on how the practice of unnecessary use of antibiotics in healthcare settings in the context of COVID-19 might increase AMR, while some of the infection prevention habits introduced in our societies can have a positive impact.

In addition, Dr. Robert Skov will introduce ICARS as a new model of working with low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to develop evidence-based, context-specific and cost-effective solutions that address problems identified in the countries’ National Action Plans. ICARS will take a One Health approach focusing on both human and animal health, the environment, global food security and economic prosperity. With AMR being a global challenge that respects no borders, ICARS will work through multiple partners and countries to advocate for implementation research in the field of AMR in LMICs.

This webinar will be a great opportunity to hear different countries’ perspective on the COVID-19 pandemic and to learn about ICARS’ model to expedite action and support the translation of NAPs into practice.

This event is open for everyone and will be held in English.