Financing Antimicrobial Resistance Interventions: Optimising Current and New Funding Mechanisms for Mitigation

During the 77th World Health Assembly in May 2024 in Geneva, the Ministry for the Interior and Health of Denmark, AMR Action Fund, Novo Nordisk Foundation, and the International Centre for Antimicrobial Resistance Solutions (ICARS) convened governments and key stakeholders for a high-level side event to address one of the most pressing global health challenges today: antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

Participants discussed financing for AMR interventions and the need to optimize current and new funding mechanisms for mitigation and scale up current efforts significantly. This dialogue contributes to the various conversations leading up to the high-level meeting on AMR during the UN General Assembly in September to ensure tangible global actions are taken and that mitigating AMR is seen as a financial priority.

The purpose of this summary brief is to translate momentum into action. The brief presents the essential points raised during this high-level global roundtable dialogue so that countries, the global community, political leaders, and funding authorities can bring these messages forward into action on the ground.


Resource type: Report

Date: 28. June 2024