World Bank AMR Roundtable – Summary conclusions

AMR is not only a global health threat, but a compounded global challenge, that affects climate change, food resources and the risk of pandemics. Action on AMR constitutes one of the most fruitful development investments available, however prioritizing AMR is still a challenge in many countries. This report presents five priority areas from the discussion on this challenge, which are

  1. Create one conversation – One world, One planet, One health
  2. Strengthen the economic case for AMR financing and investments
  3. Understanding the climate-development-AMR-nexus holds potential for positive social and
    economic outcomes
  4. Mobilize investments in systems strengthening – whole of government, whole of society
  5. Create incentives for investments in R&D and equitable access


Resource type: Report

Date: 6. September 2023

Author: The Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Region: Cross-regional

Sector: One Health