Facilitating appropriate antibiotic use in respiratory tract infections in children in Kyrgyzstan

In the Kyrgyz Republic, an interagency programme and an action plan to contain AMR have been developed, but these are currently still under discussion. While the Ministry of Health (MOH) is committed to AMR mitigation by supporting rational antibiotic use, lack of resources and evidence-based research mean that many issues are not currently being addressed. There are limited studies on AMR in the Kyrgyz Republic, so despite being a member of the Central Asian and European Surveillance of Antimicrobial Resistance (CAESAR) network, they are not reporting data into the network. In addition, there are large gaps in the training of doctors, nurses and pharmacists, so the issue of rational prescription of antibiotics has not been resolved.


Resource type: Project summary

Date: 18. July 2023

Author: ICARS

Region: Asia

Sector: Humans