Removal of AMR genes and bacteria from wastewater using modular advanced treatment solutions (HOTMATS)

The project aims to design, implement and assess modular advanced technological solutions for effective and decentralized wastewater treatment at selected point sources of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) emergence. The technology being piloted is based on an undescribed blue light-based disinfection, a combined ozonation/advanced oxidation process (O3/AOP), UV-C irradiation and membrane filtration. The project uses blue light in an advanced flow reactor system to destroy antimicrobial resistant bacteria (ARB) and facultative pathogenic bacteria (FPB) in wastewater, will demonstrate the superiority of the novel pilot-scale treatment systems as opposed to state-of-the art solutions by collecting and treating effluents from AMR hotspots, including a hospital, nursing homes, and a slaughterhouse  and a cost-benefit analysis which includes a willingness to pay study for transfer of technology to LMICs for decentralised waste water treatment.


Resource type: Project summary

Date: 18. July 2023

Author: ICARS

Region: Africa

Sector: One Health