19. December 2022

Request for proposals for scoping AMR interventions in the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) region

ICARS is pleased to announce a new Request for Proposals to map out AMR interventions that have been developed, tested and/or implemented in the last five years in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region with a view to prioritizing future areas for research development. With a growing portfolio of projects, including projects initiated in Colombia, ICARS is interested in identifying the relevant applicants/teams that can:

  • Provide an overview of key stakeholders relevant to AMR across all sectors (i.e., human health, animal health and the environment) in the LAC region.
  • Conduct a series of interviews/surveys and round tables as well as desk research to identify AMR relevant interventions that have been developed, tested and/or implemented during the last five years
  • Conduct a prioritisation of future areas for research development to inform NAP implementation
  • Run a stakeholder engagement webinar to refine the results of this RFP

The RFP builds on the regional session discussions held at the Third Call to Action on AMR conference. where delegates from Colombia, Peru, Costa Rice, Belize and Paraguay presented their experiences of implementing NAPs and identifies gaps and opportunities to prioritise actions.

The deadline for proposals is 31 January 2023 at 22:00 CET. The project has a maximum budget of 50,000 USD and must be led by universities or other research institutions (public and private), non-profit organizations (i.e., NGO´s and civil society organizations), independent consultants, and academic groups or research organisations based in the LAC region.

Please see the documents below for more details about the requirements, timeline and how to apply.

Instructions for applicants

Terms of Reference

Notification of processing of personal data

For any enquiries related to the RFP, including eligibility, please contact Beatriz Domínguez Guerrero: contact@icars-global.org